Suvoda Announces General Availability of Powerful New eCOA Solution

Suvoda fills gaps in traditional eCOA solutions, streamlining and simplifying questionnaire licensing, localization, and design for faster deployment 

PHILADELPHIA — (2023年5月23日) — Suvoda LLC, a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in complex studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare disease, announced the general availability of its electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) product designed to address the difficulties and delays in deploying traditional eCOA products with a solution that delivers simplified questionnaire licensing and localizations, streamlined device logistics, and improved data integrity. 

Suvoda eCOA is delivered on a single platform with Suvoda IRT and eConsent, and is designed to work seamlessly with these products to help clinical trial sponsors and sites more efficiently manage complex clinical trials and focus more time on patient interactions.

“Collecting quality data on patient outcomes is often one of the most important parts of a clinical trial, but because of trial complexities and clunky eCOA solutions, it can be difficult,” said Andrés Escallón, vice president, eCOA practice. “To tackle known eCOA inefficiencies head-on, Suvoda intentionally built its eCOA with the same philosophy as its IRT solution 10 years ago: design practical solutions that simplify complexity so sponsors can get lifesaving therapeutics to market faster.”


Reimagined and streamlined eCOA

With the general availability of Suvoda’s eCOA solution, Suvoda has reimagined eCOA to alleviate the pain points most expressed by customers during an extensive early adopter period. Four areas, in particular, were addressed that are deemed crucial to the success of eCOA deployments:

  • Questionnaire licensing, localization, and design
    Suvoda makes eCOA set-up less complicated and speeds up delivery. With Suvoda eCOA, in-house experts manage the end-to-end process of questionnaire licensing, translation, and localization, streamlining one of the most burdensome and unpredictable eCOA processes.

    Suvoda eCOA goes even further to allow sponsors to seamlessly implement a single questionnaire across multiple studies —a true game-changer for clinical trial teams. Suvoda eCOA also features a proprietary questionnaire design and lifecycle management tool that streamlines collaboration with translation partners. Combined with Suvoda’s dedicated project team, study changes and protocol amendments can be addressed with ease.

  • Scientific expertise and support
    Suvoda dedicates a single, cross-functional project team tasked with streamlining eCOA and IRT implementation and supporting mission-critical issues in real time. Suvoda also uniquely brings a science lens to eCOA, providing domain experts throughout the study to review clinical protocols, study design, and regulatory considerations with customers and provide experienced guidance to help sponsors advance their studies.

  • Global device logistics
    Supported by more than a decade of experience managing critical moments in thousands of trials, Suvoda is poised to establish a new industry benchmark for eCOA device logistics management, working to ensure the right device is delivered to the right sites and study participants.

  • More accurate data with a unified platform
    Suvoda's single platform approach—eConsent, IRT and eCOA—delivers a simplified and hassle-free approach to clinical trials. By minimizing the number of integrations needed, the Suvoda Platform enables patient data to be gathered and shared across the platform and reduces duplicate data entry and human error, while supporting clean data transfer to an electronic data capture (EDC) system. 


“Suvoda eCOA removes the added work burden often associated with today’s eCOA implementations, enabling clinicians to focus more time on patient interactions,” said Zach Hales, director of product management. “Suvoda's easy-to-use technology fits within the clinical workflow instead of fighting against it, making jobs easier and allowing site teams to do more with less.”



Suvodaは、腫瘍、中枢神経系(CNS)、希少疾患などの治療領域の⾮常に複雑な延命試験を専⾨とする、グローバルな臨床試験技術企業である。eClinical技術の専⾨家により2013年に設⽴されたSuvodaは、単⼀プラットフォーム上で提供する⾼度なソフトウエアソリューションを通じて、臨床試験の専⾨家が最も緊急性の⾼い試験の最も切迫した瞬間を管理できるよう⽀援している。フィラデルフィア郊外に本社を置くSuvodaは、オレゴン州ポートランド、スペインのバルセロナ、ルーマニアのブカレスト、⽇本の東京にもオフィスを構えている。同社は常に、テクノロジー業界の平均値である50を⼤きく上回る70近いネットプロモータースコア(NPS)を誇っており、治験依頼者やCROから選ばれて80カ国で1000件以上の臨床試験をサポートしている。To learn more, visit Follow Suvoda on Twitter and LinkedIn.  



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